iOS URL Schemes

I love iOS URL Schemes and x-callback-url. Drafts 2.5 and Launch Center Pro 1.1 have made crazy things possible. Not knowing where I should put these growing interests of mine, I decided to put up a new Productivity and Workflows journal on our site. This journal contains posts related to hacks, small projects and other geeky stuffs that I worked on. As I write other useful URL Schemes, I will put them up there as a new blog post. Feel free to use and modify them as you see fit.

Note: All of my posts assume you have basic knowledge of URL Schemes, x-callback-url, URL Encoding, URL Actions and Dropbox Actions in Drafts, and Custom Actions in Launch Center Pro.


As of today, I have written many custom Drafts and Launch Center Pro actions that I use on a daily basis. These are some of the more generally useful ones that I have shared in the journal:

I will add new workflows to the list as I create more of which use case might also benefit others. If you want to keep updated with the latest workflows I'm working on, I'd suggest you to subscribe to my Productivity and Workflows RSS feed.


I have also created a few tutorials that might be helpful for anyone who is trying to design their own custom URL actions. Three major topics that I covered are:

More URL Schemes

Granted, there are plenty of other great URL schemes that go beyond my personal use cases and combinations of apps. I strongly suggest you to create your own custom actions that would fit into your workflow. To keep you inspired and to find other great URL schemes, visit and bookmark the following websites: