Count, Sort, and Match

Last week, I reviewed an activity app called Preschool EduKidsRoom which allows juniors to learn while they play. It has since become one of the most played apps in my household, so I was compelled to find more activity apps for my three-year-old son, Philip.

Today, I am going to share one of my latest findings, a math-themed activity entitled Count, Sort and Match.

Math-themed fun.Count, Sort, and Match is a fun math-themed activity app for juniors ages three to five.

As Easy as One, Two, Three

As you would expect from the explicit name, the app includes three mini games that focus on different math topics. The first mini game asks you to count the number of objects on a big apple tree. The game first shows one object and then gradually adds more until there are 20 of them on the tree.

Each time you finish counting the objects, the app shows you a screen where you can practice tracing the selected number and its numeral. The game continues until you have reached the number 20, after which you can choose to start over from the beginning.

The second mini game asks you to sort the laundry by color, shape and/or size. To do so, you need to drag the items from the clothes line, one by one, into one of the three labeled buckets.

For the third game, the developers decided on a card matching game but with a twist. Here, you must pair a set of numbered cards with cards that have candy illustrations on them. As you find each matching pair, the app shows a picture of an animal embellished with encouraging words. This is a fresh approach to let juniors practice their counting skills in a fun way.

Sort by color, shape, and size.The app gets juniors to count, match, and sort through simple mini games.

Parents Need to Know

Even though Count, Sort, and Match is more suitable for juniors ages three to five, younger juniors can also play around with some of the mini games. For example, you can tap the Next button in the tracing activity to skip it and go back to the next number in the counting activity. This allows two-year-olds to focus learning on recognition numbers and counting instead.

Count, Sort, and Match includes a narrator to guide you in each game. The app also provides an an easy music mute button on the top left corner of each screen, but the music is easy on the ears so I personally didn't find the need to turn it off.

Learn to count.Count the objects on the tree.

Things I Like

I like the way the Count, Sort, and Match implements its counting activity. The app lets you start counting from any item you like and shows you the number you are currently at in its place. This is a great way to enforce learning.

I also like the way the little details that the developers decided to include in the app. One example is the way the app adds flowers on the bottom of the screen as you progress from 1 to 20 in the first mini game. In the second mini game, the number of birds perching on the clothes line increases as you complete each sorting challenge. This is a really nice touch to keep juniors interested in the app.

Write.You can also learn to trace numbers.


Count, Sort, and Match is an excellent math-themed activity app for juniors ages three to five. The games are well implemented and the app is beautifully illustrated. I would recommend it just for the memory matching game alone, but overall the app is quite solid.

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