Puppet Workshop - Creativity App for Kids

Over the past few months, we saw the App Store flourish with great educational apps for kids. Compared to when we first started this blog nine months ago, the apps we have today are more diverse and more polished in general.

One thing that we also noticed was that creation-based apps have become more prevalent. We believe this is a good thing, and we try to feature these types of apps whenever we can.

Today, our app pick of the day goes to Puppet Workshop - Creativity App for Kids, an easy-to-use app where kids can decorate socks or gloves to make colorful puppets.

Decorate your socks with various items to make unique characters.Puppet Workshop - Creativity App for Kids is a fun app that lets you create colorful sock puppets.

Let's Give It a Hand!

To make your puppet, first you choose from 20 different socks and gloves. The app will then take you to the workshop, where you can decorate your sock or glove using a variety of household items like buttons, strings, zippers, and clothespins.

The app has more than 150 accessories to choose from, and you can use as many as you want to create unique characters. Simply drag the item you want from the item drawer on the right, and place it anywhere on your puppet.

If you need to, you can resize, rotate, and flip the items using the control buttons at the top of the screen. It is actually possible to use pinching gestures to manipulate the items, but I find that it is much easier and faster to use the buttons.

Another nice feature included in Puppet Workshop - Creativity App for Kids is the ability to change the backdrop for your puppet. You can choose from any of the 18 backdrops included in the application, or use your own pictures from the Camera Roll.

It is useful to know that the app automatically saves your work, so you can always come back next time and continue where you left off. When you are finally satisfied your puppet, you can take a snapshot of your masterpiece and save it to Camera Roll by tapping on the Camera button.

Finally, the app also lets you name your puppets. On the puppet selection screen, tap on the default name and type in a new one.

The app has a variety of socks and gloves to play with.Choose from 20 different socks and gloves for your puppet.

Parents Need to Know

Puppet Workshop - Creativity App for Kids is a fun app for all ages. The interface is fairly straightforward and the controls intuitive, so younger juniors should have no problem navigating the app.

We also appreciate the fact that the app contains no ads and no in-app purchases. There is a special page for parents, but it is protected and can only be opened by pressing and holding the menu for a few seconds.

Use your own pictures for backdrops.Customize your puppets using your own pictures.

Things We Like

Having played with the app for some time, we have to say that Puppet Workshop - Creativity App for Kids is high quality app. The idea is simple, but compelling and well executed by the developers.

Visually, the app is lovely with its colorful and crisp artwork. We also appreciate that there are plenty shapes, colors, and patterns to make all sorts of puppets and to appeal to a wide audience.

The ability to add your own pictures to use as backdrops is a nice touch. We imagine that juniors can use the opportunity to get creative by drawing their own backdrops with markers and crayons.

Finally, we think the best thing about this app is that it can potentially inspire kids to get creative in the real world, too. As parents, you can guide them to take their old socks and other things they can find around the house to make real-life sock puppets. You can also take the activity further by encouraging them to stage a play for their puppets.

You can resize, rotate, and flip items to fit your needs.Choose from over 150 accessories for your puppets.


Overall, Puppet Workshop - Creativity App for Kids is a very enjoyable app. We love its colorful interface, creative gameplay, and excellent choice of items to play with. Highly recommended!

Puppet Workshop - Creativity App for Kids is available for iPad
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