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My first son, Philip, will turn three next month, but he is already an avid iPad user. He loves playing with the apps that I installed for him, and I made sure that he has a wide range of them -- from storybooks, toy apps, educational apps and games, to puzzles.

One thing that I felt missing from our collection was an app that I can use to teach him how to tell time. Every time I ask Philip to go to bed, I have to lock the iPad screen and show him the digital clock. Then I would show him the analog clock hanging on the bedroom wall and teach him to read it.

Fortunately, I have found the app that not only tests your junior ability to tell time, but actually help them learn it.

Tell Time app review - Tell Time is an excellent for teaching the concept of time to your juniorsTell Time is an excellent app for teaching the concept of time to your juniors

Tell Time

Tell Time by StudyPad, Inc is an iPad app that will teach your juniors the basic concept of time. Your junior will learn to tell time on both analog and digital clocks, identify the hour and minute hands, tell time up to the minute, and determine the elapsed time of a given period.

The learning materials in the app are categorized into eight different chapters. Within each chapter, your juniors will be able to read interactive lessons and take tests. Each lesson and test may vary in length and complexity.

To help make learning enjoyable, the app offers a customizable avatar, i.e. a chimpanzee named Chimpz. Each time your junior correctly answers a test question, he will earn a star. For every three stars that are collected, your junior will earn a coin. He can then use these coins to purchase various gears at the makeover shop for the chimpanzee to wear.

Tell Time app review - One lesson taught is learning to distinguish between AM and PMOne lesson taught in Tell Time is learning to distinguish between AM and PM

What your juniors will learn

I can verify that 3-year-old Philip was able to learn the first two chapters, i.e. telling time to the hour using both analog and digital clocks -- I consider this to be a notable achievement. While there may be other ways of teaching him to tell the time, I believe Tell Time really did a good job helping me out with it.

The other chapters teach your juniors about time in half-hours, quarter-hours, 5 minute intervals, and time to the minute. Your juniors will also learn to differentiate between AM and PM in conjunction with morning, noon, night and midnight. In the final chapter, they will learn how to determine the elapsed time from a given period.

The lessons provided within the app are creative and interactive. The app will use various illustrations as it sees fit to help your juniors understand the concept. As a parent, I found the app really helpful.

Tell Time app review - Quizzes help your junior practice concept of timeTell Time also provides quizzes to help your junior practice what they learned

Parental reports

Tell Time has a way for you, as a parent, to see how your juniors have progressed through the app. The report card within the app contains a history of all the activities and tests that your juniors have done. It can also show which topics your juniors have done well and which ones need more of their attention.

Another great feature in this app is the ability to send weekly email reports to inform you how far your junior has progressed. If you'd like, you can also choose to backup this data in the cloud. My only wish is for the developers to support multiple accounts, allowing parents to track more than one child using a single iPad.

Tell Time app review - The friendly app mascot, Chimpz, accompany your junior as they learnThe friendly app mascot, Chimpz, accompany your junior as they learn


Tell Time is a unique app that is really helpful for parents to teach their juniors how to tell the time using both the analog and digital clocks. It has excellent lessons and (almost) unlimited test problems to keep your juniors company for many weeks. The jungle theme, chimpanzee as avatar, and reward coins help make the learning journey enjoyable.

If you're trying to help your juniors to learn how to tell the time and other basic concepts of time, I highly recommend this app.

Unfortunately, this app is no longer available on the App Store. You might want to check out these apps instead:
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App was provided for our honest review.