As a firm believer that creativity should be encouraged in young minds, I admire children apps like MosaicHD. The app is beautiful, and it makes a fun and creative tool for juniors to express themselves.

Pin to play.MosaicHD introduces a simple but creative gameplay.

Introducing MosaicHD

MosaicHD by PopAppFactory is a wonderful app that I think both juniors and parents would enjoy. The concept of the app is simple: the player is given a bank of colored pins, which can be arranged on a blank grid to create patterns. Surprisingly, though, this can result in hours of fun gameplay.

The app has two play modes, Play with Card or Your Masterpiece, and two grid sizes, small (9x9) or big (18x18). In Play with Card, the app lets you choose from several patterns to replicate. These patterns vary in complexity and size; some can be finished in a few minutes, some take more time and effort. I love that these patterns illustrate all sort of things, from common household objects (a key, a house, a flower) to more uncommon ones (tic-tac-toe, Himalayan mountain, happy father). This way, while playing, you can introduce new concepts to your juniors.

Because of its simplicity, MosaicHD is intuitive enough for juniors to play without any difficulties. You can, however, turn on hints and the app will overlay the grid with the corresponding colors.

A great thing about the app is that it doesn't punish when you make a mistake, but quietly flashes to let you know that you placed a pin incorrectly. On the other hand, it congratulates you with an applause when you successfully complete a pattern.

In Your Masterpiece (a.k.a free play), you are free to create whatever pattern you desire. This mode is great for winding down after practicing with patterns, and gives you an opportunity to explore your creative side.

Once you are done with your masterpiece, you can choose to share it to your Facebook account, email or the public wall, where MosaicHD players from all around the world can submit their artwork for others to see and play as patterns. This is a really cool part of the app, as you get to see the awesome artwork that other parents and juniors came up with.

Play and share.The Public Wall showcases artwork from MosaicHD players from around the world.

Things I Like

I think MosaicHD is brilliant because it combines a great concept in a beautiful package. I like that the app doesn't control or direct the player. Instead, it acts as blank canvas where the player is free to let their imagination run wild and make whatever they want. No rules, just pure creation.

I also like how elegant the app is. The interface is simple and clean. The use of wood texture creates a look that is a reminiscent of classic childhood toys.

Finally, I have to give props to the developer for selecting a great music to include with the app. It is calming and slightly hypnotic, and doesn't annoy when you are playing for a long time.

Free play.In Your Masterpiece, you can create any picture you like.


MosaicHD is a great app that both juniors and parents can enjoy. Whether you are two or twenty, six or sixty; it is easy to immerse yourself in the app. I think that this is an app that you'll be using for a long time, so it has a great value. Definitely recommended.

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