About Us

In mid-2012, a father to two young sons went online to find reviews about the latest children’s educational apps, and was soon disappointed by their quality. Many reviews lacked the essential information he wanted to know, such as whether the app contained in-app purchases or not. Finding a good app through reviews was like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Believing that many parents must share his frustration, he set out to do something about the problem. So he partnered with his writer friend, and the two started writing their own reviews. This was how Geeks With Juniors was born.

The Writers


Eric Pramono is father to three sons and husband to a lovely wife. He is also a longtime software developer who is now responsible for the largest Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in Indonesia. Working on a tight schedule has made him into a productivity geek; you can read some of his workflow recipes on his Productivity and Workflows blog.

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Camila Amanda is a freelance copywriter and aspiring illustrator. She has dabbled a bit in app development: she was a co-developer with Eric for a children’s app. Outside the blog, she enjoys drawing, manga, and gaming.


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We write, edit and publish our posts using one or more of these apps: 1Writer for iPhone, Editorial for iPad, and iA Writer. Camila draws with Procreate.

Banner images for our best app guides are made with resources acquired through Freepik.

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